Commodity Trading

Specialising in Diamonds & Gold

Events Management

We provide local events with a wide range of services. From the actual management of the event itself, to the promotion of the event, to running the event. We are an all-in-one events management solution.

Property Investment

We own and manage a property portfolio of 6 properties in the well known areas such as Parkview, Parkwood, Hyde Park, (Residential) & one Commercial property in Johannesburg South.

Essential Services

We offer a wide range of essential services such as Medical Supplies to businesses & customers. (B2B & B2C)

Who We Are

VZM Investments, founded in 2019, is a holding company specialising in commodity trading, property investment & management, events management & essential services.

We aim to invest in profitable ventures that make sense, not only for the business side of things, but we are interested in solving problems or finding opportunities within any new venture we come across.

The question is… How can we invest in your future?  

Our Founder

Moosa Abdul

Founding Member of the VZM Investment Options holding company. Moosa, is a young innovative adult bringing new ideas to the table & helping your solve any business hurdle. His specialisations include Commodity Trading, Property Investment & Management, Essential Services, & Events Management. Moosa has worked with many brands & clients & is devoted to making smart, informed investment decisions. Be sure to connect with Moosa.

Let's Create Opportunity Together

Some Of Our Event Management Clients